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Linn Sneaky DSM  £1750

Although it is sacrilege to compare the Linn DSM to a Sonos Connect Amp it is hard not to.  However, if you do it soon becomes apparent that it does everything the Sonos does, only it does it better and it does more.  All you need to do is connect it to some speakers.


This unit plays everything from basic MP3 files right up to super high resolution studio master music.  It also allows you to connect your video sources via HDMI (such as your SKY box and Blu Ray Player) and plays back the sound at a massively improved quality over your TV speakers.


It doesn't stop there though.  Linn have gone to the trouble of building Apple Air Play in to the unit meaning that any sound coming from your iPad or iPhone can be beamed via Wi-Fi to the player.  This means your Spotify (on-line music service), You Tube, on-line radio station, or whatever can benefit from the awesome sound of the Linn Sneaky DSM.


Please contact us and/or visit the Linn Website for more info on this and all the other fantastic DS products.

Anthem MRX-1120 £4399

Although £4399 for a home cinema amplifier may not appear to be a 'budget choice' it is such amazing value that it is hard not to recommend.  The Anthem MRX-1120 redefines what you can expect of a home cinema amplifier.  It produces incredible 2-Channel stereo quality for music on top of a game changing Dolby Atmos surround sound.


To ensure all this quality reaches your ears Anthem have developed their own room correction software which is head and shoulders above the competion.  Their ARC2 software helps to correct for imballances in your speakers response and for the acoustics of your room to allow the music and soundtracks to sound exactly as they were meant to be.


If we can help you find a way to fit this amplifier in to your budget then we will.  It is that good.


Please contact us and/or visit the Anthem website for more info on this or any other of the amazing Anthem amplifiers.

Anthem MRX-300

URC MX-1200 £550

We cannot stress enough how good these things are.  Are you fed up of the pile of remote controls on the coffee table and forgetting which one does what.  One of these will get rid of them all and make using your TV or projector system a simple one button press affair.


This remote control is so clever that it is not limited to just controlling your A/V system but could potentially control your lighting, curtains and even make you a cup of tea.  Well maybe not the cup of tea, but it is an amazing product that will mean even visitors to your home will be able to use your system without any training at all.


We try not to sell an AV system without one as they increase to joy of ownership so much and results in a system that is always working at its full potential 100 percent of the time.

URC mx-1200

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